Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between new liquid chalk and traditional chalk

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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between new liquid chalk and traditional chalk

1) Environmental protection comparison:

The traditional chalk is composed of alkaline substances, and the micro ions of chalk ash have strong bacterial adsorption capacity. At the same time, chalk ash contains a large amount of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and manganese. These harmful bacteria, alkaline substances and heavy metal components are easy to cause damage and inflammation to the respiratory system, skin, ear, nose, throat and other parts of teachers and students.

Liquid soluble chalk: it is prepared from brand-new environmental protection raw materials and plant formula. It not only completely eliminates dust pollution, but also uses environmental protection raw materials from the composition of chalk. Write clean: 100% clean. Completely solve all problems caused by dust;

2) Writing contrast:

Traditional chalk: the writing is not smooth enough, the pen holder is easy to break, and the handwriting is not bright.

Liquid chalk: smooth writing: moderate soft and hard to ensure the comfort of writing, and ensure that the chalk is not easy to break in the writing process, and the handwriting is bright.

3) Price comparison

Under normal use, the use cost of liquid chalk is almost the same as that of traditional chalk. According to the same number of words, the cost per unit writing distance of liquid chalk is slightly higher than that of traditional chalk. However, considering that the traditional chalk is easy to break in the use process, and it is difficult to continue to use when the length of the pen holder is less than 2cm, and the cost of the traditional blackboard and eraser is also relatively high, in general, the use cost of the traditional chalk is slightly higher than that of the liquid chalk.

Liquid chalk is accepted and loved by more and more schools, training institutions, offices, shops and other institutions.

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