Creative Office stationery – Heat Transfer printing Office Stationery

Creative Office stationery – Heat Transfer printing Office Stationery

Most office stationery in reality is designed to be practical, boring, single or similar. Creative stationery design pursues the ultimate, not only practical, but also special appearance, which makes people feel bright and surprised after seeing it. Of course, creative stationery can not only meet the needs of daily use in the office, but also a good choice for gift giving and advertising promotion by many businesses!

In addition to new shape design, new function design, new color and printing design are also one of the common creative expression methods. Heat transfer printing, as an important method of stationery innovation, has a good performance in the markets of Europe, America and other countries in recent years, and is welcomed by many consumers! As a printing stationery supplier with many years of supply experience, Ningbo EMDA can provide many kinds of high-quality printing office stationery products for brand customers, importers, wholesalers and other consumers. We have hundreds of our own printing patterns for customers to choose from. Of course, we can also provide customers with personalized customization services to carry out proofing confirmation and mass production of pattern and color customization according to the design provided by customers. Packaging can also be customized according to customer design. Of course, such proofing confirmation and actual production cycle will be relatively long, requiring more order time. According to the specific design content, there will also be corresponding design and production costs.

Specific products include printing stapler, printing punch, printing nail lifter, printing tape seat, printing scissors, printing tape measure, printing Mini multifunctional hammer and other products. On the other hand, the transfer printing effect can also appear office desktop metal mesh stationery,such as pen holder,file holder, magazine holder , name card holder, desk organizer, and so so.

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Post time: Nov-02-2021