Hot sale quality office school easy writing and holding magnetic whiteboard marker pen

Hot sale quality office school easy writing and holding magnetic whiteboard marker pen:

- Hot sale new design whiteboard marker pen,

- Easy for writing and holding on surface of whiteboard

- Different colors for office , home and school 

- Custom’s logo printing is workable

magnetic whiteboard pen


Have you ever had such a frustrating experience?

When you are ready to write something on the whiteboard or message board in the office, school or home, suddenly you find that you can’t find the whiteboard marker pen that has been placed next to the whiteboard! As a result, you spent a lot of time looking for the whiteboard pen, but you didn’t find it in the end. You can’t write what you want to say or leave a message on the whiteboard in time; Or, although you finally found the whiteboard pen, you have spent valuable time, five minutes, ten minutes, or more.

At this time, whether you find the whiteboard pen or not, your time is wasted. More importantly, your original good mood has suddenly deteriorated!

Now there is a newly designed whiteboard pen that can completely relieve your above troubles! This newly designed whiteboard pen has a magnetic particle on the pen cap. When you finish writing last time, fasten the pen cap, and then directly suck the whole whiteboard pen on the whiteboard. This will ensure that the next time you want to write on the whiteboard, you can directly pick up the whiteboard pen and start writing. You don’t need to spend time looking for the whiteboard pen everywhere anymore!

I believe that your mood will become better at this time. You will be glad to choose such a practical new whiteboard pen with magnetic button!

As an office stationery supplier with more than ten years of professional industry experience, Ningbo EMDA can provide this newly designed whiteboard pen. You can also customize the whiteboard pen color, logo and packaging according to the customer’s design.

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Post time: Nov-15-2021